Ripping your audio CD to Mp3

(Fedora Core)

For ripping your audio CD, use Sound Juicer, which can be accessed like this :
Applications->Sound and Video->Sound Juicer CD Ripper

The files are ripped into ogg files by the sound juicer.

The sox and lame that comes with fedora core helps you convert these ogg files to mp3.

So here goes the two step funda:

1) using sox convert your ogg to wav
eg. sox oggfile.ogg wavfile.wav
2) using lame convert this wav to mp3
eg. lame wavfile.wav mp3file.mp3

Go ahead and enjoy the music.

My favourite Mp3 player is mpg123 Go ahead and install one if you dont have. (yum it) then enjoy the light-weight, command-line mp3 layer.

that’s for now,
samjosh 🙂


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