Netbeans Six

I’ve never been a big fan of Netbeans. There was always something about it that made my skin crawl. It never reached the same level of usability of Eclipse.

But now I have to admit that for the first time in my career I actually anticipated the release of a piece of software. I am even “ashamed” to say that I actually count down the hours and minutes of the official Netbeans Six release.

Coming back to Netbeans, It just works like a charm…! In just a while, when you go tell your interviewer “I know in and out of EJB 3.0” , the interviewer may respond “Oh! That’s not a big deal, My Netbeans knows the same!”. You may even stop calling yourself a EJB Specialist.

The new NetBeans 6.0 comes with powerful features that includes Easy Desktop GUI Development and Web/Enterprise development. You can order your Netbeans to do the software development for you! (In tamil, Ukkandha edathila erundhu nogama vela paarkiradhu)

Good innovative work by the Sun developers! I am afraid where the software world is heading towards. With a few customizations a non java developer can build the application he needs… and such a time is not very far…. Is this developer friendly? or customer friendly?
How can we call it?.


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