The Order of the Phoenix

Just remembered finishing this book of around 1000 pages within a record time of 2 days.

It is no nonsense till book 5.

Looking forward to see Movie 5 for which today is the official day of worldwide release!

Edit:(app 2 weeks later)
Quick update :

The movie is not so appealing as the book does.
It should be JK’s writing that does all… its all abt the hype…..

A Quick review on Book7
I got the wrong book (pdf) 2 weeks ahead of the release of book 7.
I came to know this 2 weeks after the release. Then I got the right one.

By that time, i dint have patience (also time) to read through the book.
I quickly turned over the pages for an answer to the highly anticipated question: “Whats the end?”…

To make it short:
1. Some of the order members dies… including Tonks, Lupin…
2. Fred Weasley dies…
3. Hagrid I’m afraid is dead… not sure.. have to confirm.
4. The TRIO (ahem), they are well and alive. Thats the Hollywood kind of ending, which i suspected initially may not happen, cos JKR is little sadistic(?!)
5. Then as predicted by Mugglenet, Snape is on the good side, though he is killed at the end by Voldemort. He plays a major role in Harry’s victory over Voldemort.
6. Dumbledore’s death in the previous book was originally arranged between him and Snape.
7. Finally how did Harry make it? They have a concept of “The Elder Wand” which Harry happens to get through the help of Dumbledore, Snape including others. This wand is kind of elder to the Voldemort’s one……
       It goes like this: Harry shoots the curse that’s supposed to disarm Voldemort of his wand and Voldemort shoots the final curse (avada kedavra) both at the same time. (Remember, Harry has the elder wand.) Both the curses meet midway in the air, rises high, then Voldemort’s curse bounces back to him making him fall dead (atlast!). Voldemort’s wand was also caught by Harry. Harry becomes the hero of the wizarding community!
       The story aftermath: Harry destroys the elder wand, as it is of no use to him anymore and no one should use it also. Dumbledore has tears in his eyes as he watches this from his portrait at the Hogwarts.
       Nineteen years later: Harry-Ginny the married ones have 5 kids: (Albus, Rose, blah, blah, blah) etc, etc.

The End

Looking back, Voldemort resembles Satan well by all means. So this has some bad effects if this is thought more than a novel.

Well, thats the end of it.


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