Where do we Stop?

Shekar Kapoor, thats the name if i am correct, of the person who shared God’s Word last sunday.

Some of the obstacles for our Christian walk:

  • Seeking God becomes an activity
  • Seeking God becomes a religious thing
  • Chosen ones become frozen ones
  • Believers become concrete slab (that sets quickly and that’s it)
  • They forget the first love
  • They lose the enthusiasm for the spirit led life
  • They forget the greatness of the ZOE life
  • Somebody lives in self-righteousness
  • The Sophistication of our lives hinders us from loving God
  • People does not want to change / grow
  • People don’t want to leave their comfort-zone
  • God has become a need-meeter
  • Some people are so struck to their traditions

What should you do?

  • Have personal encounter with God daily. If this is not there don’t tell me you are a Christian.
  • Involve yourself in the vision of your Senior Pastor. Don’t say ‘I don’t have that calling’ or ‘There is the pastor to do that’
  • Have a born again experience daily. Some gets born again to become dead again. They get born again on Sunday, get dead again on monday, to rise again on next sunday.
  • God has given us ALL spiritual riches IN Christ Jesus for us to live this ZOE life. He has done his part to the fullest. What about you and me? Where are we standing today??

Thats Serious! Act now!! Move on fast!!!


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