God of Wonderful Creation

Its been quite a long time since i last blogged. Well, My current book is Indigo from the collections of Ray. Some amazing things we fail to notice in this hectic life. Things as these (some of it) are well portrayed in this book.

There are one billion people in this world. Each one is created uniquely. Of course, every one has the same features: a pair of eyes, a pair of ears, a nose etc. Yet everyone is so unique that we can distinguish them. Even the identical twins who look exactly alike, have their own differences in attitude, tastes, behavior, thought patterns, likes and dislikes. Wow! Can’t stop wondering at this. How great is our God!

Another revelation: Dust to Dust (O Real) – This is a line from the lyrics of Nick Cannon’s My Rib. We are yet again reminded that we are running short of time. The fact of ‘dust to dust’ we tend to forget in the midst of our sophisticated lifestyle. The bottom line is this: Don’t forget the reality! Don’t forget your Creator!!

God Bless!


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