Peter Henry shared God’s word yesterday on “Fire” : The significance of FIRE for God; the significance of FIRE in the Word of God.

  • Our God is a consuming fire
  • Fire is to be kept burning in the tabernacle 24×7
  • In the holy of holies a lamp is burning to give light. The Lord is the lamp.
  • Elijah demonstrated the power of God by bringing the fire of God down. Worshiping the true God, brings down His fiery presence, in contrasts to false worship.
  • No one puts the fire under the cot. We are called to show light into the world.
  • Don’t quench the spirit
  • Don’t lose the fervent zeal for God. Let the fire be aflame for Christ always.


  • Don’t bring a strange fire. As Nadab and Abieu, Aaron’s sons brought. Then the fire of God came from His presence and consumed them up.
  • Whats the strange fire? Think about this. Think how God reacts to this!



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