New Waters

I am going to tell you two stories here. One is about fishing and another is about a fish. First lets start with Fishing.

A Fisherman lived by a lake of water. Everyday he caught fishes, and lived happily by selling them and making revenue. One day the lake dried up and all the fishes died. So the fisherman moved to another place, this time an Ocean to catch fishes. Not everyday he can catch fishes there, but he can catch a lot of them now. I am done with my first story.

The second one: A boy who was very fond of pets bought a small Gold Fish with his savings. Then he needed a glass bowl to let the Gold Fish in. He ran to his kitchen and asked his mummy for one. His mom gave one glass jar once used for storing cookies. He filled them with water and let the Gold Fish in. He fed her properly and soon the fish grew up to his delight. Now the fish was unable to move freely inside the jar. Because of its grown up size, it could remain only in a static position. On seeing this the boy got troubled in his mind. He took all his savings went to a pet shop, and bought a big fish tank. He filled it with water, and let the fish inside. The fish swam now gracefully inside the new waters!

Disclaimer: I’m not boasting or proud!


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