Life @ Wipro

Well, Its been a few days here.

Brand Wipro does all the hype. Yet its a place where you can get security, job satisfaction and get settled…if you like to!

The war for the do$$ar
People fight for the $ , they jump every now and then for more, more and more!!!

According to me, money is always secondary. Respect, Satisfying Work, and then a brand like Wipro, with some standard package is more sufficient for the long run.

Stay in a place for quite a long time, make yourself useful to others and your company. Meanwhile enjoy your stay. Wipro is a great place to work!

One of the things I like about Wipro is its Unyielding Integrity. I appreciate its care to recruit genuine lateral joinees. In Wipro, A genuine is never at the mercy of a fake.

The Blessings of the Lord add riches, and he adds no sorrows to it!

Its like saying, “Blessings!! No Sorrows Attached!!!”

All glory to Jesus!


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