Love, Anger and Rejection

“Love does not anger quickly…” 1Cor13:4

Cain and Abel
Cain was a person who angered against his brother Abel, that lead him to kill Abel.

“Do not lead your anger to cause sin, Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry”, says the Word of God.

So anger causes you to sin. It causes you to fall.

Anger and rejection
Most of the times these two go together.

When Cain’s sacrifice was rejected by God, He got angry with Abel
When Saul was rejected by his subjects, He got angry with David
When Joseph’s brothers were rejected by Jacob, They got angry with Joseph

When our prayers are not answered (rejected), we get angry with God.

Love does not anger
Think upon the love of God. Meditate on it. Your anger will disappear. You will have no opportunity to sin. Take a dose of humility when you get angry!


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