Best Firefox Addons


Ever wondered how to browse WAP sites through your Web browser?
Here’s a little browser tweak for those who dont know.
Install ‘wmlbrowser’ addon for your Firefox browser. (This wont work on IE of course)
You can get this addon from:
Access your mails Faster and Simpler. Bookmark these url’s:
For Yahoo:
For Gmail:


Gmail’s interface has basic colors. You can apply various skins and experience new look and feel for your Gmail. You can also do various customizations. Worth Trying.

You can download it from:


I love this Addon. Its very user friendly, to save a complete long webpage as an image on a single click. Very useful addon for Web Developers as well as Normal users.


Looks similar to the colorpicker tool that you see on Adobe Photoshop. Very useful to pick colors with their html code from any web page, as well as from the images in them.


Add several clocks with different timezones to the status bar of your browser. Looks cool with several options to specify how the clock appears on the status bar. You can change the format of display. Displays flag of the selected country along with the time. Useful for people doing business for clients around the globe.

6. QuickZoom

Adds to buttons to the status bar of the browser which allows you to ZoomIn and ZoomOut of a page quickly in a single button click. Saves you the trouble of going to View Menu and selecting text size and the size required.

7. FlashBlock

Imagine you are browsing while in your office. And you are accessing your personal mails. Various Flash Advts of scantily clad women appear on those webpages. You don’t need to feel embarrassed.
Install this addon. It will block all the flash in your web page. You can choose to play a flash by clicking on the icon over the blocked flash. Very useful one.

And more’s coming…


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