The Hurdles in Life


There are some ‘constant’ hurdles that we face in our day to day life. Some of them at times makes us feel miserable, but we are to walk through and conquer it instead of being subjected to it and getting oppressed.


  • Problems

We come across several problems each day. There are problems that are easy to solve, difficult to handle and that which we cannot handle.

Problems may be emotional, psychological, domestic, family-related, workplace-related etc. It could be physical ailments, frailties. It could be some need or some wants.

Solving problems needs patience, endurance, self-control and perseverance. Sometimes we need to accept certain things as they are and proceed, but not to get stuck up there.

Instead of worrying about things we don’t have, can’t have and won’t ever have, we need to look ahead and go on with what we have and what we are.



  • Financial Need

We need money everyday to pay the bills, and for a comfortable living. At times financial crisis do occur. Or we may feel that there is some or other need always. Again we need discipline to live with what we have and be happy in what we have.



  • Social Shame

As Joseph (in the Bible) was rejected by his brothers, people always underestimate us (mostly it is so.) Sometimes we are not recognised for what we are and what we do. Sometimes we even feel like an outcast. Sometimes people hurt us through their actions. Rejections are painful.

Don’t care what others say about you. If people mistreat us, it’s difficult to forgive. Sometimes we get evil for good in this selfish world.

Instead of getting crippled by social shame, lets dust it off ourselves. Do not care really what others say about you or do to you. Forgive and forget. when you know what they talk is wrong, you really need not worry about it a minute or so. Just ignore it.



  • Domestic Nightmares

We have domestic problems. For a software engineer, there are deadlines to meet, customers to satisfy, project managers to please, bugs to fix, work to finish, complex logics to solve. As a family man there are things to take care of, responsibilities, social responsibilities and lots of stuff to do. There are people to meet, people that we should trust in hope, things to hope that they will be good at the end. Though we solve some problems one day, the next day there are newer problems to solve.

For some domestic problems, we have to wait for a really long time – maybe years, to see it solved.



  • Spiritual Disappointment

We go through ‘lows’ at times. We have Unanswered Prayers, Questions and disappointments. Still we should not give up our faith, but be thankful for answered prayers and blessings.




(Based on what was shared by Prop.Bernard Blessing on the first week of Jan2009 at FGAG Church, Bangalore.)


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