HBP Review

On July 16th was released the latest movie of the Harry Potter series, The Half blood prince. (One of the long awaited ones which was supposed to get released in November 2008 itself).

harry-potter-and-the-half-blood-prince-11 I am not a fan of the harry potter novels. But having read all the novels of the series and because of the media hype, my curiosity raised once again as the movie hit the theatres.

The story is hard to follow if you haven’t read the books. (Actually some people come to see the movie without knowing anything about the story. Wonder what they will understand.)

It was late when I went for the show and Dumbledore has already taken Harry to invite Prof.Horace Slughorn to Hogwarts 🙂

Some of the scenes that stand-out includes:

  • Dumbledore repairing the house of Horace Slughorn
  • Harry discovering the Potions book of the HBP
  • Ron believed to have taken Felix Felicis before the Quidditch
  • Hermione at the Halloween party
  • The Sectumsempra used by Harry on Draco Malfoy
  • Harry getting the vital memory from Prof.Slughorn
  • Dumbledore’s last moments with Harry

This movie is better compared to all the previous ones, I would say (In terms of sound and visual effects). Thanks to the director David Yates (This is his second film by the way). He looks promising and hope the DH Part-1 and DH Part-2 would be still better (Have to wait for DH Part-2 until at least 2012).

Hermione’s (read, Emma Watson) quite an eyeful. I remember her making a statement after deciding to sign for the last three movies of the series: “People underestimate what a big decision this was for me…. In the end, the pluses outweighed the minuses.” I am grateful for that decision she took that day.

Ron is looked upon as a character who creates some humour here and there to the otherwise serious plot. And Rupert is Harry, the serious boy who does justice to his role.

The minuses about the movie has nothing to do but with the tragic end. The atmosphere becomes quiet once Dumbledore and Harry sets out for the green cave in search of the horcrux. And it gets more tragic, till the movie ends. ‘All’s Well that ends Well’ goes the proverb. Here the “ends well” can be said only in DH-2.

The Verdict:

At the end the movie did not disappoint the hype. It was satisfactory. A one time must watch entertainer for those who have read the Harry Potter books.



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