Tata Indicom WIMAX Broadband

Just got Tata Indicom Wimax broadband installed. I was pleased with their service. I Applied for it on Thursday; got the verification call on the same day and they were ready for installation the next day (as they had promised activation within 24 hours). As I will be at home only on weekends, got it installed today. Everything went smoothly.

They installed a small antenna at the roof. Thanks to Wise-Techie, his post was very helpful in getting an idea about it. The whole process took less than an hour.


I am happy with the speed and hope to write a detailed review when I find time.



2 thoughts on “Tata Indicom WIMAX Broadband

  1. Sir,
    How big is the antenna? big like the dish tv / tata sky antenna…?
    Can the antenna be installed in our house also and does it looks bad if we install it in our house…in case the antenna is big…..

    My problem is that my society may not give me permission to install on roof…..if the antenna is big than my house will look ugly ( interior decortaion )…..

    also pls tell me abt the uptime of the connection….thanks…

  2. The antenna is a small one (Approx. The size of a shoe carton).

    It can be installed near the window of your house. But I am not sure how that will affect the reception of signals. There should not be any huge obstruction between their tower and your antenna.

    Connection speed is good. It disconnects rarely. Comparatively speed is good between 10pm and 7am.

    Their service is anywhere between OK and Good.. šŸ™‚

    Personally I feel the charges are very high. Thats the only concern.

    Test the connection speed during installation as it varies from one location to another depending on the proximity to the Tower. (OR) You can try it for one month and if you are happy you can continue.

    Hope this helps.

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