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Micro blogging is such a fun. Millions use Twitter around the world. After using a number of Twitter clients, I just thought that It will be useful for somebody if I list out some of the best Twitter medium that is out there.


Web Client:

Twitter Web (

Twitter web has evolved over time. Initially it had problems loading DM’s sent/received page on Chrome. Now it is working fine on IE / Firefox / Chrome. Its easy to see a person’s tweets, friends and followers with less clicks. The only thing I dislike about Twitter web is the inability to scroll down for more tweets. Either there could have been a scrollbar or some pagination.


Twitter Gadget (

This is my favourite Twitter client when I use a PC. It has really a lot of features to suit diverse tweeps.

  • Can be added as an Gmail Gadget. Tweet right within Gmail.
  • As a Firefox Prism Application. By creating a desktop shortcut, You feel like using a desktop client.
  • Available for Chrome too.
  • Browser Direct – Can be directly viewed like any webpage.

Easy options to Retweet, View Tweets archive for a Tweep, Reply and DM. Also can view the Trending topics and search including hash which is not supported by many other clients.



Desktop client:

 Twitter Gadget (

As I mentioned above, Twitter Gadget doubles up as a Desktop Client too. I have installed Prism (Addon for Firefox) which allows me to use Twitter Gadget just as I would use a Desktop application. Twitpics are shown in Tooltip as you mouse over the links.



Twirl (

There are many clients available developed over Adobe AIR. But I like Twirl for its simple looks and great features. It looks like more of a messenger, like Gtalk. It has tabs to view Replies, Self Tweets, and Friend’s Timelines.





Windows Desktop / Sidebar Gadget:

For those who use Windows Operating System, Sidebar gadgets or Desktop Gadgets is such a fascination. There are again several gadgets that are available.

TweetZ (

TweetZ by Blue Onion Software is the best among the ones I tried. It has a simple sleek look. It has options to Tweets with or without profile picture. A side popup to Tweet. And best of all it uses oAuth and its very secure.


(Image courtesy: TechRavings)





Mobile Web:


Dabr (

Dabr is a mobile web interface to Twitter’s API. It has been described as on steroids, and tries to provide as much mobile functionality as possible.

It has a nicely tiled layout and has easy options to View Profile, Retweet, DM etc. It also shows twitPics Inline. This is my favourite mobile web client. It sports less network usage and has a attractive UI.


When I use GPRS (In India GPRS is painfully slow and terribly expensive), I simply use Opera Mini (The world’s most popular mobile browser) to connect to Dabr. And it saves cost for me too. Also Opera Mini has the ability to show Unicode fonts even in mobiles that does not support Unicode.




Mobile Application:

Gravity (

Gravity is simply the best mobile Twitter client, second to none. It supports Symbian (S60 Platform), S60v3, S60v3, Nokia Phones. It works great on Touch Screen Phones like the Nokia 5800, Nokia 5230, Nokia 5233 etc. It supports Kinetic scrolling on S60v5. It has a tabbed interface and supports images.



Images captured on Camera Mobile can be easily uploaded to TwitPic through this client. It is not a freeware though. It costs 10 USD. But I think its worth it.

The only drawback of Gravity is that it does not display Unicode fonts if that’s not supported by your phone. Network usage is nominal. Also if you use GPRS for any Mobile Applications (Symbian or J2ME) it drains your battery faster. Opera Mini comes to the rescue.

In conclusion, use Gravity if you are on WLAN/3G and use Dabr with Opera Mini if you are on GPRS for Network Connection.

I have not used IPhone/Android/Blackberry.. so cannot comment on Twitter Clients for those phones now 🙂



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