HP7 (Part 1)

–There are NO SPOILERS in this article–

Its time for readers of Harry Potter to flock to the theatres again.. to see another HP movie.. the penultimate one from the HP movie franchise.

My friend who have not read Harry Potter exclaimed at the HP actors, “Are they still acting in these movies?, Its ten years and still…”.

However for fans of Potter it’s a little sad thing as they are coming close to the end of the series.

After I watched the movie today, I just felt one word and that’s – TERRIFIC!

This film exceeded my expectations in all ways.. This was less of a drama and more of a horror / thriller.

The sound effects were especially mind-blowing. You must watch the movie to experience it. Special effects were good as usual. This is the best of the series I liked since HP2.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I 

Its good they split the last book into two parts.. That way they have followed the book closely, chapter by chapter.

In addition some fresh bits have been added to the movie (that which are not in the book) and those are very logical and perfectly synched with the screenplay.

The actors have grown up (obviously) and it irritates me when people call HP as a kid’s movie.. The plot thickens.. Potter, his friends and the magical world face a dire situation (Almost like a world war for them). Hence there is more violence in the movie and it is justified.

While the MPAA has rated the film as PG-13, India’s CBFC has given a ‘A’ rating for the intense violence portrayed in the film (There is nothing very gory but some frightening images and intense action violence). There were lots of kids (under 10) among the audience when I watched. Don’t know how they took it. So viewer discretion is advised.

And there were some viewers who had not read the books and just came to the movie. I came to know that they did not understand anything on what’s going on in the movie.

The movie started with Harry leaving the Dursleys for good and ended  where Voldemort gets the elder wand from the tomb of Dumbledore. It was a riveting watch, never boring and when the movie ended I was asking for more..

This movie is definitely worth watching more than once. I give four and a half stars out of five!




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